Wadi Bani Awf, a gorgeous (dried) river bed, skirts pretty villages (esp. Bilad Sayt), pools and waterfalls and provides some magnificent views of the country’s incredible landscape. Jebel Akhdar, a rocky mountain range, also provides many hiking and climbing opportunities for the adventurous tourist! Not far away also lie the Sands of Wahiba, a traditional dune desert that is very different from the country’s usually rocky terrain. Finally, Nizwa, a pleasant town two hours away from Muscat, showcases the country’s antique and old fashioned charm in a nutshell through its beautiful fortresses and mud houses.


Heritage of Oman

Muscat Old Town, Grand Mosque, Wahiba Desert, Wadi Bani, 4WD adventure, Misfat Al Abriyeen, Nizwa


Ultimate Adventure in Luxury Camp

Salalah, Empty Quarter, Muscat, Nizwa, Jabal Akhdar、Zighy Bay, Nizwa