Atacama, Uyuni & Peru

Highlights of the tour

The trip starts from its capital Santiago before flying south to the Chilean Lake District, a lovely region of alpine lakes, pine-clad mountains and snow-capped volcanoes. Then, it is Torres del Paine National Park, rated by many as the most scenic in the South American continent.

Day 1

Hong Kong / Santiago

Flight Time TBA

Depart Hong Kong

Day 2

Santiago - Calama

Upon arrival, transfer to San Pedro de Atacama.

Pick up at your hotel in the afternoon to enjoy a spectacular sunset in the Moon Valley. We will leave San Pedro towards Calama, stopping on the way to give you the opportunity to take some great pictures of the Andean Mountain range, the huge Atacama salt lake, the active volcano Lascar and the impressive volcano Licancabur behind the small oasis of San Pedro.

We will continue to the Moon Valley, one of the most spectacular phenomena in the Atacama Desert because of its geomorphic structures formed in thousands of years by erosion and climate. You will have time to explore this amazing place with its peculiar rock formations. The silent moonscape of this valley will astonish you while you contemplate the inexplicable salt and clay figures that nature has formed. We will be able to see the salt natural monument “Tres Marias”, the Salt Caverns that look even more beautiful at sunset.

Finally, you have an optional short hike to one of the giant sand dunes in the valley. Return to your hotel in the evening.


Day 3


This sensational excursion starts as we head towards the Atacama Salt Flat where we will be able to observe two or three different pink species of flamingos at the Chaxa Lagoon. Afterwards, we will head to the breathtaking Miscanti and Meñique Altiplanic Lagoons at the altitude of 4,200 m (13,500 ft).

These intensely blue coloured waters are located at the foot of neighbouring volcanos and boast an impressive landscape. Later we will visit the charming town of Socaire famous for its agricultural terraces. There we will enjoy a nice lunch and then continue on to the settlement of Toconao constructed from volcanic rock and well known for spectacular views of the Atacama Salt Flat. Nearby we will also take a brief hike to a place known as Quebrada de Jerez. This oasis in the middle of the desert is home to lush green vegetation and flowing brooks.


Day 4


Trekking to Canyon of Guatin and Puritama thermal pool. Picnic lunch.

Continue the drive up to Toco Mountain. Drive back to San Pedro.


Day 5


Early morning, cross the border by car at Hito Cajón. Drive towards Siloli Desert and visit the Green Lagoon, Red Lagoon and Stone Tree. Soak in one of the hot springs in Sol de Manana Geyser.

Siloli Desert

Day 6

Siloli Desert / Uyuni

Drive towards Uyuni and visit 4 more lagoons en route.

Check-in at the hotel.

Dusk shooting at the Salt Lake.


Day 7

Uyuni / La Paz

Sunrise shooting at Salt Lake. Around 04:00 am we will grab our coats and head out to the Salt Flat whilst it is still dark, for a chance to see some stars before sunrise, a wonderful natural spectacle. If weather permits, we might see the reflection of the sun in the giant mirror.

Continue driving across the Salt Flat to visit Fish Island. Head north to the village of Tahua, at the foot of Volcano Tunupa and ascend for 2 hours (no technical difficulties but good fitness level required.) Enjoy exceptional views from the mirador. You will also see the Coquesa mummies.

Drive to the airport for your flight. Visit Cementerio de Trenes if time allows.

Flight: Uyuni/La Paz. Z8 309 2030/2110

La Paz

Day 8

La Paz / Cuzco / Sacred Valley

Transfer to the airport for the flight.

Flight: La Paz/Cuzco Z8 500 1010/1010

Drive to Cruz Pata and start your quadbike journey towards Sacred Valley. Drive to Urubamba in the evening.


Day 9

Sacred Valley / Machu Picchu

Drive to Ollantaytambo for the expedition train​ to Machu Picchu.

After a tour of Machu Picchu, walk to Sun Gate.

Hike down or bus down to Agua Calientes from the entrance.

Machu Picchu

Day 10

Machu Picchu / Cuzco

Take the shuttle to Machu Picchu for the second time and hike up to Wayna Picchu.

Late afternoon, train back to Poroy and drive to Cuzco.


Day 11

Cuzco / The Amazon (Manu National Park)

If you are not going to the Amazon, leave today for Lima for the flight back to Hong Kong.

We leave Cusco early in the morning in one of our vehicles. Approximately mid-morning we visit the interesting tombs of Ninamarca, commonly known as “Chullpas”. We continue to Paucartambo, a picturesque Spanish colonial town, and then to the Acjanacu pass, which marks the beginning of the Cultural Zone of Manu Biosphere Reserve. Here, a thick cloak of clouds provides perpetual humidity and makes an ideal habitat for epiphytic plants such as bromeliads. This varied and fascinating world is home of the Cock of the Rock, Spectacled Bear, Orchids, Tree Ferns (one of the oldest living plants), mosses and lichens. This cloud forest exists between 2,000 and 3,500 m.a.s.l. and at least 50% of the plant species found here are endemic to this region.

We have lunch on the way with a spectacular view, then we continue overnight in our “Orquídeas de San Pedro Lodge”.


Day 12

The Amazon

Today we wake up very early to observe the Cock of the Rock (Rupicola peruviana), Peru’s national bird from a platform. The male birds are a vibrant reddish-orange, and as many as several dozen come together for an exhibition of a mating ritual dance in a place called Lek. The males display their crest, showing off and posturing for the females. The females, fewer in number, watch to select the most suitable males. After breakfast, we continue in our vehicle down the narrow road between waterfalls and canyons toward the town of Pilcopata (*1) and then to Atalaya Port where we have lunch, here we board our covered, outboard motorboat and head down the Alto Madre de Dios River for approximately 50 minutes toward our private reserve of “Erika” a comfortable and rustic lodge owned also by Manu Adventures where we will hike through the interesting trail system that this transitional area between high and low jungle offers.

Free option: here in Pilcopata town we will make the final settings for a 1½ hour river
rafting (class I and II) trip down the Koshñipata River where we will have the opportunity for a dip and of course enjoy the spectacular view of the Koñeq Canyon.


Day 13

The Amazon

Erika Lodge is located in a transition zone between high and low jungle (500 m.a.s.l. to 1,150 m.a.s.l),

After breakfast, your guide will explain the different habitats, altitude range and the high diversity of wildlife found around this lodge. Take a walk near the riverbanks, where you will learn about the insects, medicinal plants, trees, reptiles, mammals, etc.

After lunch, take a short boat ride (5min), and walk for another 30 minutes approximately though a very nice trail to observe and the interesting flora such as sensitive plants, heliconias, fruit plantations, etc. until we arrive at Machuwasi Lake where with the help of a telescope we can observe great egrets, toucanets, carpenters, Keskadees, cardinals, etc. Short night walk to observe American bullfrogs, horned frogs, tree frogs and an incredible variety of insects.

Free option: canopy zip down at Erika Lodge, our guests traverse from tree to tree and platform to platform using pulleys on horizontal traverse cables zip lines, as they sail through the treetops of the tropical rainforest canopy, and over the trails far below. Expert guides assist you in this exciting journey through the different layers of the rain forests and explain what’s going on around you from the time you leave the ground until you rappel back down to the forest floor.


Day 14

The Amazon / Cuzco

Today, get up very early to board our boat again for only 5 minutes down the river to Parrot Clay Lick called "Collpa" on the riverbanks, where many species of parrots as the blue-headed parrot and white-eyed parakeet are found.

Return to Erika Lodge for breakfast and board the boat for Atalaya Port, where a bus will take you back to Cuzco. Have lunch on the way. Arrive late in the evening.


Day 15

Cuzco / Lima

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Lima.

Flight: TBA

Arriva Hong Kong on day 17.

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