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Highlights of the tour

Journey to the lowest point on earth – the Dead Sea and enjoy a dip in the sea before moving to our desert adventure and spend a night out in the wilderness, before culminating in a visit of the iconic rose-red Nabataean city of Petra.

Day 1

Hong Kong / Amman

Flight Time TBA

Upon arrival, meet your guide and drive to Mount Nebo where Moses viewed the holy land that he was not allowed to cross. Enjoy a stunning view of Mount Olive of Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Jordan Valley and the river. Continue to Madaba, where St George's Greek Orthodox Church has a famous mosaic on the floor. Made during the 6th century AD, the mosaic shows the pilgrimage from the surrounding areas to the Holy Land.

We drive along the King’s highway to Kerak, the crusader castle of the 12th A.D.
Continue to drive to Dana Bio Reserve. Dana Biosphere Reserve is an area of staggering beauty, history, and biodiversity. The only reserve in Jordan that encompasses the four different bio-geographical zones of the country (Mediterranean, Iran-Turanian, Sahara-Arabian and Sudanian).


Day 2

Dana Biosphere Reserve

This morning you will set off on a walk to the other end of Wadi Dana with your guide, taking roughly five hours. A simple lunch box is included, which you can stop off to enjoy on the route.


Day 3

Dana Biosphere Reserve / Petra

This morning, hike from Dana guesthouse to Feynan ecolodge.

After lunch, drive to Petra.

Tonight you will enjoy the magic of Petra by night – a night walk of Petra and immersed yourself in the mystical atmosphere. The program includes a candlelit visit to the Rose-Red City of Petra. The special aura of the ancient Nabataean trading empire comes to life as you enjoy a stroll through the mysterious Siq of Petra. At The Treasury, music and stories will help you experience Petra as the travel-weary traders of old must have known it.


Day 4


Set out to Al Beidha, better known as Little Petra this morning, which was inhabited by the Nabataean and has many tombs, water containers and channels. Start the adventure from Little Petra, through the ‘back door’ to the magnificent Petra, a truly incredible and iconic walk across the deserts and mountains of Jordan. You need to be reasonably fit for some climbs. The spectacular views of the ever-expanding horizon as you climb, your real reward comes as you approach the top. At first, you can glimpse a strange, but obviously man-made carving poking above the skyline; as you walk further it slowly reveals itself to be the Monastery Tomb, towering above you. (Around 4-hour hike from Little Petra to the Monastery) Continue to explore monuments of different Nabetan/ roman and Christian periods await you – Tombs, Temples, Houses and Churches.

In the late afternoon, enjoy a local cuisine workshop working alongside local women under the supervision of a chef. Dinner included.


Day 5

Petra / Wadi Rum

This morning, drive 1.5 hours to the desert of Wadi Rum, the wild desert landscape, which fascinated the British liaison officer Lawrence of Arabia.

Enjoy a 2-hour 4-wheel jeep drive through the desert to see Lawrence’s spring. Pass the majestic mountains and explore a gorge with some ancient rock drawings. Enjoy the silence of this awesome desert on some easy hike.

Tonight, you will spend an unforgettable night in a remote and secluded Camp under a blanket of stars includes BBQ dinner meal.

Desert Moon Camp (wild camp under the stars)

Day 6

Wadi Rum / Dead Sea

Drive 4 hours to Wadi Bani Hamad, one of Jordan’s most beautiful canyons. This canyon has everything steep canyon walls, colours, frogs, plants, waterfalls.

After lunch, experience a gentle 2 to 3-hour water walk along the narrow stream. Trekking in the wadi is like trekking in a subtropical rain forest. Water seeps from every crevice while an abundance of plants and palm trees grows vicariously from the canyon walls displaying all different hues of green. (No specialised equipment is necessary)

Arrive at the Dead Sea in the late afternoon, the lowest point on earth (1,373 ft below sea level) and the largest ‘natural spa’ in the world. Pamper yourself with its healing and revitalizing water.

Dead Sea

Day 7

Dead Sea / Ajloun

Enjoy some more free time floating. Late morning, drive 2 hours to Ajloun Forest Reserve.

This afternoon, enjoy a 2-hour pleasant walk at the Ajloun Soap Trail. Hike through thick, healthy woodlands filled with oak, pistachio, and oriental strawberry trees. Take a short detour to view a ruined wine press before you pass one of the oldest strawberry trees in the Reserve on your way down into the valley. The trail climbs to 1,100m above sea level at Eagle's View Point and then descends to the Soap House where local women follow the traditional process of making Orjan pure olive oil soap.

Enjoy a night here.


Day 8

Ajloun / Amman

Drive 1 hour back to Amman.

Spend your morning at the Jordan Museum (Daily 10 am-2 pm except for Fri), which houses a collection of artefacts from all the archaeological sites in the country.

As the capital town, Amman is an interesting mix of old and new and its highlights are split between its downtown area — the older, historical part — and its Western section. The old city is dominated by the ancient Citadel with its Byzantine Church. Continue to the Temple of Hercules, Umayyad Palace and the Amphitheater.

Stroll around the downtown markets with its traditional souqs and coffee shops. Drive to Abdoun neighbourhoods, where you can see the beautiful houses made of white stones of the higher class.

Continue to visit “Rainbow Street”, a major attraction in old Amman. The capital’s greatest souks, fine museums, ancient constructions, monuments and cultural sites are found in Jabal Amman.

Transfer to the airport for your flight (TBA).

Depart Amman

Day 9

Amman / Hong Kong

Flight TBA

Depart Amman

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